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Love Bear
Love Bear
Live Life The Way You Want To Live It....Screw What Everyone Else Thinks!

Life is hectic with it being summer and having 4 kids running around is the reason I'm not here. Hoping once school starts, it will be different :)

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Hi y'all [waves] I'm Heather, a SAHM to 4 kids ages 13, 8, 4 & 1 and married to my gifted/special hubster! I've been designing here and there on blog design and some websites (hate those, those are a bitch).

Happy to be back at Skem9 and creating some nice layouts for you guys!

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User Picture.. ~ 07/28/12, 12:47pm
User Picture..
User Picture.. ~ 07/10/12, 11:04pm
hey girl how are you? Haven't seen you in a long time.
User Picture.. ~ 06/16/12, 11:43pm
Hi Butterfly
User Picture.. ~ 06/09/12, 12:35pm
here's the correct url for the other musical notes for the opposite side.
meljoy68 ~ 06/02/12, 3:47pm
OMG "Closer To the Edge" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Jared is HOT. :love: That made visiting your page so much more fun!
AnGella ~ 05/31/12, 7:11am
Thanks! I'm half done, need to change all the bubbles to swirls. :D
User Picture.. ~ 05/28/12, 11:41am
Musical Notes for the left side - [IMG]**[/IMG]
User Picture.. ~ 05/28/12, 11:27am
you're so very welcome. :D
User Picture.. ~ 05/27/12, 11:17pm
Music Notes - [IMG]**[/IMG]
Hearts Grey on Left - [IMG]**[/IMG]
Hearts Grey on Right - [IMG]**[/IMG]
((just take out the *'s in the urls))
User Picture.. ~ 05/27/12, 10:38pm
Ooh love your top banner here!! I've always been a huge fan of your layouts. You ROCK! -- the little hearts were added to my edit profile section .. was so happy to see that it worked using them that way. ♥

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