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yuliia_soroka ~ 02/05/19, 9:24am
The technology of machine learning appeared nearly 50 years ago. Since that time, the concept has developed and resulted in numerous services, which are quite widespread now. This technology involves computers into a process of learning, so they can create custom models and algorithms after some training.

The common mistake is to think that if you want to use the benefits of machine learning, you need to install some software or to hire data science professionals. Fortunately, there are many machine learning as a service providers, which offer such tools as a component of their cloud services. Our article will help you compare the top MLaaS Companies.
yuliia_soroka ~ 01/23/19, 9:11am
Offshore Developer Rates By Country
99 percent of the time, the main reason to go for offshore developer companies’ services is cost-efficiency. Every product owner aims to minimize the required budget while keeping the solution at the highest level of quality. And the decisive point of service providers in issuing the development prices is their country of living. How to select the most profitable developer hourly rate by country without risking the end quality of your future product?
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