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Gaia Online .^. Website Tutorials | Submited May 29, 2012

Written by: Yohn

If you're looking for a way to get more gold faster than usual heres a couple tips I found to do so..
Theres a few ways to get gold a little faster, and heres a few tips I found to do so. If you have any tips, let us know by sending us an email, our contact link is at the bottom of the site.

Once you sign in go to every page to get your daily chance, you just might get something really worth it doing that!

Chatting in the forum gets you a lot of gold in the beginning of the day, but after awhile it gets a little smaller. Doing it everyday will get you gold fast it seems

Leaving comments on everyones page you visit helps with collecting gold faster.. And everyone like comments right?

Walking around in the towns shaking the trees and bushes can become a gold mine if you shake the right ones
[marketplace tricks[/title]
Another thing I've been seeing some people do, thats really annoying in my opinion, is while the time for their item is running out, say less than a minute left they'll go and edit the ending time to end in another 2 minutes when they had the bidding turned on. It does work to get more gold when you're selling something, especially doing it a few times before finally letting it being sold, but it can really annoy the people trying to buy it.. I'd recommend not doing this just out of respect for other people.

I believe this to be one of the best ways to get gold fast if you do it right, with a little bit of research. I know its hard to put up the 10K, or 20K (I cant remember how much it was), but trust us, you'll be happy you did. Once you're able to buy and sell in the market place you'll be set. Keep an eye on whats ending soon, check the highest bid amount, and check to see what the items are usually selling for with the buy it now. If the highest bid price is less than the average buy it now price of the item then bid on it, and hope you win. Just make sure you dont bid higher than the lowest buy it now prices. If / After you win the item, put it up for sale with no bid amount, just a buy it now lower than the lowest current buy it now for that item. It'll sell in less than 24 hours most of the time, and you'll get a good profit if you play the game right.

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