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Skem9 .^. Website Tutorials | Submited May 19, 2012

Written by: User Picture..

How to put youtube videos on skem9 basically.
Go to "edit profile"

put this in a section you want.


for autoplay:

To resize the video put this in the "customize profile" section.
embed{width:XXpx; height:XXpx;}

Hope this helps. ^.^

User Picture.. ~ 06/15/12, 7:06pm
I had a question for the embedded part or the customised profile is there a specific area that it is paced or can you place it anywhere ?
meljoy68 ~ 06/03/12, 2:26pm
Sweet. So many things I forgot how to do....thank you for the reminder! [love]
Yohn ~ 05/28/12, 4:51am
Steven, you should add that we can resize the youtube videos by adding embed{width:XXpx; height:XXpx;} to our customize profile page
User Picture.. ~ 05/25/12, 4:33am
i got it to work now i need the code to resize it haha
Jackie, it didn't work for me at first either. I was using the wrong link, you have to use the address link for the video. [cool]
User Picture.. ~ 05/24/12, 4:20am
forgot to put in =1 after autoplay, sorry. XD
User Picture.. ~ 05/24/12, 3:30am
I can't get it to work i'm using this code no video found
User Picture.. ~ 05/23/12, 5:04am
Thanks Steven [rocking]
User Picture.. ~ 05/19/12, 11:12pm
[cool] Thank's John it did very much.