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PHP .^. Coding Tutorials | Submited Jun 30, 2012

Written by: Yohn

If you want to know how to display something at random, then heres a simple how to, to pull it off
This is supper easy, so start off with an array with what you want to be at random

$arr = array(
'hello random string 1',
'random string 2',
'another sting',
'just filling up space',
'and again to'

If you want to use images, put the image url where the text is at. and then to have php pull a random string out of that..
$pick = array_rand($arr);
echo $arr[$pick];

and it would display a random string within that array. If you're using images, it would look something like the following

$arr = array('',

$pick = array_rand($arr);
echo '<img src="'.$arr[$pick].'" alt="img" />';

hope this helps! Enjoy

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