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PHP .^. Coding Tutorials | Submited Jun 30, 2012

Written by: Yohn

A simple and easy to use signin script for your website.
This is really easy to use, and implement onto your website. It allows you to signin, get to logged in pages, add new users, edit a user, and delete a user. All text based, so no database is required to get this working.

I created a signin class, and thats whats used to do everything, so what would be on the page is simple and small lines of code.
You can check out the demo here - Simple Text Based Login Script Demo (Username = test and password = test), and you can download the files here - Text Based Signin Script Download

Once you have the files uploaded to your server, you'll have to CHMOD the users.dat.php file, and edit the mySignIn.class.php file to have your domain name where its listed at the top of the class.

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