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Tibetan meat artifact wide leg pants to wear this way to bring their skills were thin
Lead: the arrival of the summer, in the face of some time ago rainy rain showers, is not some small lost emotions? But do not worry, the arrival of the summer is of course a lot of benefits, you have enough reason to go to the more delicate wardrobe, wide leg pants is a good choice. But are you wearing right? (Source: Ruili network) wide leg pants popular like a poison in general, relative to the tight pants is not so pick the body, or possession of meat artifact, hot weather wear wide leg pants cool and comfortable. All kinds of wide leg pants each way star Qi upper body believe that many sisters have started a result, the results Amoy back to find, is simply the difference between buyers show and seller show Ah! So we have to avoid minefields, careful choice, the right to wear. Mine area one: low waist wide leg pants This is a short girl can let the shorter artifact pants, why do you say? Articles will be one by one behind, let's talk about the first reason: low waist wide leg pants <a href="">cheap nike air max shoes</a>. Low waist wide leg pants wrong to wear if you do not have long legs, please take the initiative to stay away from the pit of the low waist style! Minutes make you look five five minutes <a href="">nike air max shoes clearance</a>, still very dirty <a href="">nike air max 2017</a>. So, choose the first element of wide leg pants: choose high waist section. Correct wear get high waist wide leg pants with short jacket selection high waist, short girls also have spring. Choose high waist, high girls legs longer Guards high waist wide leg pants Street shot if there is no natural big legs, be sure to choose high waist wide leg pants. It can make your legs extended to the navel, easy to deceive the sea disguised as two meters long leg view <a href="">nike air max shoes wholesale</a>. Mine area two: a short also choose a big trousers This is a short girl can make a shorter magic pants, the reason for the second point: hypertrophy trousers. Big trousers to short girls more short girls choose wide leg pants, be sure to pay attention to the width of the legs, or else all this big trousers to ruin! Correctly wear get
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