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purchase reference composite flooring

The carbonized solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly, healthy and has good thermal conductivity. It is well liked by the vast numbers of consumers. If you want to know more knowledge of carbonized wood floor, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Geothermal floor is widely used in Home Furnishing life, at present there are geothermal floor varieties on the market quality of many consumers choose to heat the floor uneven in quality,

can not accurately judge the quality, easily deceived, today Xiaobian to introduce five techniques to identify the quality of the geothermal floor, for geothermal floor purchase reference. A, how will the floor from 3mm digs, its cross-section is pure white, wood color, and can be seen with the naked eye is meticulous, closely, namely wood density is very high. The contrast of the brand floor of the section was gray and black,

rough texture, mixed with bark, leaves and so on. We know that the higher the density of wood, the better its stability, the ability to adapt to the environment is stronger, so consumers choose geothermal floor must have good thermal stability. Two, the floor water water capacity is higher, while wet expansion and dry shrinkage degree will be smaller in geothermal environments in the crack,
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