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"I was floating in a peaceful sea.. rescued by a sinking ship"

22 years old
Sebastian FL
United States

Last Login: 28/08/2007
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Status:In a Relationship
Hometown:Allentown PA
Religion:Christian - other
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Education:Some college

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About me:
If you'd like to find some facts out about how Skem9 started, and who helped along the way then you can do so by reading the About Skem9 page on the site.

I'm just gonna say what makes Skem9 so different then a lot of the other help sites out there. Now this doesnt go to all of the myspace sites out there, just some of them. Have some of you ever noticed that some sites have the same kinds of graphics, exact same code generators, and the exact same codes (that most dont even work anyways). The reason theres so many sites like that out there is because the owner of them bought the site off of ebay or some other script search site. Skem9 was created by myself (John), I didnt buy any generators, codes, or scripts to get it to do what it does. Some of you may have noticed that some of the same layouts on Skem9, can be found on other "Imitation sites" out there. The reason for this is either because the the creator of that site has stolen them from Skem9 to put on their site, or they also allow some people to add layouts to their site, and then these people take layouts from Skem9 and upload them to the other site. Most of the layouts found on Skem9, are on other sites out there only because those other sites couldnt create their own layouts.

Now with that off of my chest, I'm gonna talk about some of the features that are already in action on the site. If you're not a member, I'd suggest to sign up so you can check out all of the features the members get! Each member gets their own personal profile, that they can customize, and add whatever else they want to it. They also have a pictures gallery, where other members can comment on the pictures there, on any of the layouts, images within the image fun section of the site, and other members profiles. Theres a buddy list for members to add other members to it, kinda like the friends list here on myspace. Along with these features, members can send other members an e-gift such as cookies, and kisses to cars, and x-boxes. And believe me, I'm no where near done adding new features ;)

Who I'd like to meet:

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25 Aug 2007 0:20

Howdy! How ya going?
Gotta say i love Skem9! I am officially addicted! lol

26 Aug 2007 20:03

jodi lynn

26 Aug 2007 20:19

thank you for all of your
sweet layouts =]
*DeStInY's LuV*

27 Aug 2007 0:25

Blood Bunny

27 Aug 2007 7:13

Thanks for the add. Skem 9 has been really useful, you rock =]
Flaming Pizza

28 Aug 2007 21:55

duuude, you've helped me SOOOO much with DIV and CSS codes, i really appreciate it!
* &hearts Debbi &hearts*

Is Online

24 Aug 2007 6:56

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

22 Aug 2007 9:05


16 Aug 2007 10:37

? JT and Vicki's Mommy! ?

19 Aug 2007 18:26

thanks for adding me!! you're awesome!!
'DMbakersbabey' - ToUcHeD-by-LoVe

21 Aug 2007 20:53

Thank you for the Add "John"..I love the "Skem" layouts and, stuff..Awesome..Hope your having a safe move as well..~Deb

12 Aug 2007 17:38


12 Aug 2007 22:13

Thanks for adding me, love all you do and offer!
Jackie [BenHead For Life]

14 Aug 2007 12:31

Hey John,
Can you join the skem9 lovers group? =)

Group URL:

9 Aug 2007 11:32

hi whats up!! my name is kourtney whats urs????

12 Aug 2007 2:54

I Skem

12 Aug 2007 13:07

Hey, you should make a Skem9 myspace group, and then advertise it on the site! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!

8 Aug 2007 16:10

MySpace Graphics..i'm soooo HAPPPY right now!! thank you 4 becoming my friend, after alll i do love you're layouts & it's all i use!! you sooo ROCK, hope we get 2 know each other in time". you're friend monica. aka "jeanie in a bottle"!

8 Aug 2007 19:29

Thanks alot for adding me. You have so many great layouts. Great profile page too. Have a good rest of the week.
Isi ♥'s Gerard

4 Aug 2007 22:50

hey...i luv ur site

I get all my layouts from it!
and i love all of the gerard way 1s....there rad!

i LOVE javier!

6 Aug 2007 17:18

=] long time hehe hi!
Jenn ♥

8 Aug 2007 14:24

Just stopping by to say I love your stuff. keep up the great work..
P T Mamm

3 Aug 2007 19:07

hey just stopping by to tell you i love skem9 i dont have an account on it but i get all my layouts and generators and what not there its awsome keep it up peace

4 Aug 2007 9:42

yo,bro how are you....?
cool profile

3 Aug 2007 11:26

Merry Meet, thanx 4 the add. ur truly talented. keep up the good work! cuz' it kicks ass. lol. blessed be to you and urs, jacqueline )0(

27 Jul 2007 14:12

Ahh I love you john!
You are amazing and so is the site!
Jackie [BenHead For Life]

27 Jul 2007 15:43

Hi John,
Hope you are doing awesome!
Keep up the great work!
Death From Above

27 Jul 2007 22:45

hey thanks for the the site Ill be there doing some stuff myself soon so hope too see everyone there...
Partially Hydrogenated Christoph

28 Jul 2007 2:37

thanks for hosting the new layout I am using.
♦perfect soulmates♦

31 Jul 2007 0:13


i love your layouts...they're awesome...

thanks for adding me to your myspace....
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