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kuromitsuki89 @kuromitsuki89

Caguas, Puerto Rico
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04/14/15, 12:35am
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04/30/15, 6:36pm
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A Latin Bi girl what is also is a Networking Administration. I love Video games, Manga,Anime,Comic,Cosplay,Furrys, MLP, EGM music , Candy, Rave, Fantasy make up, and Rp.
I speak Spanish and English.
I'm a nice person but don't try to mess whit my love one or alse....
Also make Oc fursona and MLP art
"There is much than meets the eyes... and screaming won't do you any good... but I welcome their sweet melody"
" There's no day whit out night but there no night whit a day"
" What delightful agony I shall inflict "

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