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I am a Blogger and Designer .My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in programming and education.

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james1995 ~ 10/08/18, 6:50pm -to protect all your Windows, Mac & Android devices. Get Norton Setup and easily run to install Norton Anti Virus.

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karenminton ~ 10/05/18, 8:06am
Handy YouTube Features You Should Know About
Just like an over-enthusiastic freshman going through a make-over to shine out in a college packed with strangers, YouTube came back with a revamped look this season.
karenminton ~ 09/17/18, 9:37am
Cool Apple Watch Tricks Revealed
Apple Watch, released in the year 2015, was the company’s first venture into wearables. Over the years, it has become more sophisticated and advanced. This smartwatch not only tracks your fitness and heartbeat but is also integrated with Siri.

karenminton ~ 09/15/18, 9:15am
How to Enable Folder Protection with OneDrive on Windows 10

When your files and folders are saved to OneDrive, they can be accessed from
anywhere. Your data are always safe in OneDrive if anything happens to your
device. OneDrive is free online storage that you get in-hand with your Microsoft
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