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Skem9 started out in early 2005 as just a help site for MySpace users, and it eventually turned into one of the biggest, and one of the first help sites for MySpace. At the time it started, there wasn't any kind of help for Myspace, and thats why we came online. Eventually we grew to offer help on other websites sites as Friendster, MyYearBook, FreeWebs, VampireFreaks, GaiaOnline, etc.. The list went on and on.
In 2009 we had to put our website down due to server costs. We simply couldn't afford to keep the website online. We realized it was a mistake going with the host we had to keep us online but we were signed into a contract that we couldn't break and paying more than the website was making every month for about 6 months. It saddens us to say this but we couldn't keep going on that track.

In September of 2011 I (John) started to re-code the website. We had some old files of the website, the basic structure of the website saved, but it wasnt up to date. I had to go through the 100's of the websites source to redo everything to get it ready to come back online.

November of 2011 we came back online for about a month. Everything was working out great there in the beginning. Then out of the blue, the site went down (again), and come to find out the host we were hosting with wasn't paying his bill and he got his account terminated, which in turn put everyone he was hosting down. Now the bummer, You'd think that would be ok cause I could just go to a different host.. Well, that same day that happened someone stole my computer and all the updated files of the website. This hurt a lot cause now 1) went down because the host didnt pay his bills. 2) I had no backups cause they were all on that MacBook computer they stole from my house. 3) I had no computer to try to get online and put the website back together again.

In March 2012 I moved back in with my mom, eh.., but I was able to get another computer, and the way older backups of Since then I (John) started working on putting the site back together, along with building websites for other people to raise some money. So inbetween doing websites for other people, and re-building we finally got to a point in May of 2012 for a Beta Release, which we are still in hosted proudly with Liquid Web.

If you were a previous member of the site, prior to May of 2012, then you will need to register again as we have lost all of our previous data thats was stored on our servers. is glad to be back online, and look forward to helping everyone with all their social networking needs and help. Some features that were on previous versions of are not activated, but dont worry, we soon to have all the features once had back again. We just have to re-develop them again first since we lost all our previous codes.