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Update Coming Soon! Check out Skem9's future roadmap Layouts is intended for use of submitting and browsing Myspace layouts. is in no way affiliated with, just a stepping stone for some of the new comers to to get their profiles looking how they would like it. By Joining you agree to these terms and agreement. might / may change these terms and as they are released on the site they will be in effect immediately.
  1. You must be at least 13 years of age upon signing up for If you are found to be under the age of 13 years old, your account will be removed from the database.
  2. layouts may be down from time to time for special upgrades and / or maintenance, therefore does not guarantee access or availability of any content.
  3. is not responsible for any user’s postings in the layouts gallery, or on their profile.
  4. cannot and does not control the behavior of the users on this site. The views of one user may differ from the views of and its other users. respects the views of one user, but may not agree with that user. User is expected to control how much info about themselves they would put within their profiles on
  5. prohibits the postings of any form of pornography, hate, drug use, violence, copyrighted content and / or anything that could be consider unlawful. You can be held personally liable for violations of the above guidelines.
  6. strongly opposes SPAM which is all over the internet. WILL NOT tolerate any form of SPAM within the site. If finds you to be spamming any kind of content that would and could be considered as SPAM your account will be deleted, and you IP address will be blocked IMMEDIATELY.
  7. also prohibits the posting of SPAM that could be meant for users to go to your site, UNLESS the users posting the HTTP address to their site has the written consent of a employee.
  8. Any kind of postings on is not private. Once the user (YOU) post something on it becomes Skem9.coms property. Which in turn means that it cannot and will not be posted on any other site UNLESS it has permission from employees and the user (YOU). In most cases, as long as the user (THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR or CODER) agrees with providing other sites their hard work will agree.
  9. does not agree with stealing layouts, code, or creative content of any kind. If someone on post a layout that was made by another user on, or on another site the layout will be removed upon verification that it was indeed taken from another source. Same rule applies with other sites taking layouts posted on
  10. is NOT a place for you to host your pictures. We also have bandwidth limits, just like any other site out there. If you need a good and quality hosting, I highly suggest using as they will not delete your images once you've reached you maximum bandwidth limit. You could also get a paid account and then not even have to worry about bandwidth limits anymore. It’s cheap to get unlimited bandwidth so I would have to say it's your best bet.
Cookies uses cookies for the user to login and stay loged in until they are idle for at or around 10 minutes. Cookies must be activated and allowed appon sign in. also uses cookies to store the users input on any rating form of a layout.

SPAM hates and discourages SPAM e-mails. With that being said WILL NOT give any third parties any users e-mail adderess.

IP Adderesses stores a users IP adderess, in the event that if that user has failed to follow any of the statements listed within the Terms Of Use, to ban that user from visiting Once a user is banned THERE IS NO COMING BACK.

Data Stored From A User gives each user the ability to change any of the data they provide to the site within their Update and Edit account page.