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  • London
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Everything in live is act ... ACT NOW

Favorite Music

~Siouxsie & the Banshees
~In This Moment
~The Agonist
~Olivia Lufkin
~Guns N' Roses
~Janis Joplin
~Alice in Videoland
~Helalyn Flowers
~The Birthday Massacre
~Chihara Minori
~Eiko Shimamiya
~Uh Huh Her
~Marilyn Manson
~Base Ball Bear
~Three Days Grace
~Dir en Grey
~Crooked Valentine
~Blessed By A Broken Heart
~Jesus On Extasy
~Sex Pistols
~Shiny Toy Guns
~High and Mighty Color
~Johnny Hollow
~The Kooks

Is it homoerotic yet strangely hypnotic
A sound so exotic from something chaotic
It might be psychotic but not from narcotics
There's no way to cure it:no antibiotics

Confidence is the real sexy !!

My name starts with a "B" the rest figured out by yourself :P
I am a student of Drama Art, my passion for art start when I was a little cat haha (i attempt to dance academy for 2 years)
At this moment i am focussing all my career in a major of Acting ( hopefully one day i could make big things with this and my dancing skills as theatre is where I want to belong for the rest of my life )
I do work as model but only for hobby :)
My life is mainly focussed in a healthy diet, no animals in my body since I was 11 years old . I love animals and my body is a temple not a graveyard -.-' , i practice a fitness lifestyle and yoga.

I have a geek side that love manga and anime (comics too),games and technology specialy graphic designe and programming ^~^

** wish i could share more about me but ... *sigh* is hard for me to talk about myself ** if you want to get to know me ....ask, is up to me if i answer you truthfully or not ;^o^;

I mostly use VF at my phone 'sometimes' that make me online most of the time even when i am not available *sorry not sorry*
i try my best to remember to answer >.<


~Art (Theatre,Dance,Sketch)
~Video games
~Computer science
~Fitness lifestyle

i love the movie Edward Scissorhands (*-*)




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