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Obviously the underlying fervor of the diversion in the long run wore off, yet at that point there were different things that kept me intrigued. I cherished being a piece of a little, inviting assaulting society which was gaining great ground. There were likewise unlimited open doors for gathering, be it mounts, pets or accomplishments. I more likely than not invested hours following Little Timmy around Stormwind to purchase his white cats, or overcoming dragonkin to get my Crimson Whelpling! At that point there was the story. I was totally excited by the narrative of Arthas and his change into the Lich King. I adored seeing his character create, for instance in the Culling of Stratholme cell and the Death Knight starter missions. Close by that, I truly appreciated the theming in the diverse regions; the mammoth monsters in Dragonblight, the cute Oracles in Sholazar Basin, and the blanketed heaps of buy Warmane gold!

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