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1. Equipping with construction waste crusher in grinding system could increase the production capacity of the grinding system by 30% -40% and reduce the total energy consumption by20% -30%.
2. Construction waste crusher has compact structure, light weight and small size; comparing with grinding system of the same production capacity requirements, PDG-II roll crusher can significantly save investment.
3. It has simple structure, small footprint, and convenient operation and maintenance.
4. Machine inside is equipped with a dust-proof plate, which is of good sealing performance, avoid crushed fine material splashing, less dust and low operating noise, greater improving the working environment.
5. Roller body design is optimized, and do not need to be changed for the whole life.
6. Mill roller is equipped with replaceable wear liners, which is made of domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, having advantages of long service life and convenient maintenance, etc. If badly worn, just remove the cover can take replacement.
7. The roll crusher is equipped with safety guards, which can avoid metallic iron parts entering into the crushing chamber and influencing normal operation of equipment.
8. Roll gap is adjustable between 1mm ~ 20mm, and then broken particle size can be reliably controlled and discharged with ideal particle.
9.The crusher has simple and reasonable structure, low operating cost, smooth operation, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency; in addition, the expected size is adjustable.
10. Roll crusher works by principle of low-speed and high-pressure, can greatly reduce the grinding energy and increase production.

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