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With all the hubbub surrounding yesterday’s audio launch of the mega-budgeted sci-fi film 2.0, it may have been easy to forget that the movie’s star, Rajinikanth, has another movie coming right on its heels, the Pa. Rajinth written and directed Kaala.

Because 2.0 was pushed back from its original Diwali release date of October 18th, 2017 to January 25th, 2018 for completion of visual effects, and because Kaala has settled on late April for its premiere, Rajinikanth’s fans will now enjoy the rare treat of receiving two films from the South Indian superstar in three months.

First, here’s a refresher on what was already widely known about Kaala:

The story, which is set in Mumbai, will feature Rajinikanth (affectionately known as “Thalaivar” to his fans) in the 164th film of his storied career, playing the role of a man from a man fromTirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, who escapes to Mumbai as a child and goes on to become a powerful slumlord and later a righteous gangster in the Dharavi slums.
The title Kaala Cast, which can be variously translated in English as “Lord of Death” or “Dark-Skinned One” carries that double meaning to the film. The first interpretation refers to Lord Yama, the god of death from Hindu tradition, while the “dark-skinned” reference alludes to the plight of the Tamil migrants who suffered discrimination and oppression at the hands of lighter-skinned Hindis in their adopted Mumbai.
The creative team behind the gargantuan 2016 hit Kabali—star Rajinikanth, writer-director Pa. Rajinth, producer Dhanush and his Wunderbar Films, cinematographer Murali G, and composer Santosh Narayanan—has been brought back together for the new film.
Key new additions to the Kabali team are actors Huma Qureshi (Badlapur), Nana Patekar (Golmaal Again) and Anjali Patil, and editor A. Sreekhar Prasad
The picture will shoot simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi, and dubbed into Telugu. Thalaivar will utter his lines in Tamil, Hindi, and Marathi at various junctures.

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