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I work at a large company head office in Canada, in the IT department.

I was hired 2 years ago with the help of my ex-finance's sister, who at the time worked for the company as one of the IT managers. Shortly after the start of my employment, things went south with, my at the time, finance and we split. Our families declared a state of war and have since torn each other apart as they were heavily involved in the relationship- since they are the ones who arranged it. Yes, it was arranged, its besides the fact.. Now my real problem is my job. My ex's sister, let's call her Mary, has turned my workplace environment into a cold place,. After the breakup drama, she has stopped talking to me and by that I mean complete silent treatment, even when I try to say "Hi", I get the cold shoulder and no response. At first this wasn't as big of a deal to me as it is now because she wasn't my manager and I rarely had to engage with her in the office. Fast forward a few months- the company has cans my direct manager and is being replaced with Mary... fml right? 1337x KissAsian MangaStream

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