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If London has been on your list of cities to visit then think about making it in 2012 when London plays host to the Olympic games. Not only are the Olympics only held every 4 years it is unlikely that it’s going to ever return to London in any of our lifetimes no matter how young we might be.

What could possibly be more exciting that holidaying in one of the worlds most exclusive capital cities Aaron Nola Jersey , home of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Princess Diana, the Queen Maikel Franco Jersey , Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Sq. and so much more?

The London Olympics will take place next July and August and will principally be centred on the Olympic Village in London’s well-known East End. If you happen to be feeling adventurous, you can plan a vacation to soak up not just the Olympics, but the whole UK too. In case you are feeling really adventurous and have travelled a great distance Mike Schmidt Jersey , an evening out in Paris, Rome, or Amsterdam aren’t beyond the realms of possibility with cheap flights available to all these destinations and travel times of only 1-2 hours.

Hotel lodging may prove to be a scarce, expensive Throwback Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys , or both. Should you discover that the usual accommodation isn’t readily available think about renting a Londoner’s home. Renting a local’s home can prove to be significantly more cost effective than hotels and can be simply sourced by viewing one of many websites that list houses for short leases of one or two weeks, to find one, just type something like ‘Renting House for Olympics’ into a search engine.

There’s a lot to do; sometimes it鈥檚 tough to know where to start.

Week One
Choose an airline like British Airways and fly in to London Heathrow or Gatwick. You’ll be able to either stay in a hotel, or hire a local property from a web site like London Games Rentals. Be careful to book this part of your trip early though as the Olympics will attract many more visitors to London than normal and accommodation will likely be scarce Custom Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys , particularly after the Easter break. Some industry insiders are forecasting a further 500,000 visitors to London as a direct results of the games. Perform some research in to where the various Olympic events are actually being held as sports activities such as soccer, sailing and shooting are not going to be hosted in the Olympic Village.

Spend the first week following the Olympic sporting events and visiting London.

In addition to the Game’s events try popular haunts such as the London Eye and Madam Tussauds, visit the free museums and gallaries such as as the Natural History museum Authentic Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys , the Science museum or Tate Modern. Take a boat trip up the Thames, relax by having a bite to eat in Charlotte Street or a picnic in Hyde Park.

Week Two
What鈥檚 great about London is that鈥檚 it is ideally situated to do plenty of other things. We鈥檇 suggest in the second week that you just hire a car and go see Great Britain.

Start with a 3 hour journey via Stonehenge to Bath to see this pretty old town. Well-known for its Roman Spa and Old World feel, a trip to Bath will never be forgotten. Stay for a couple of days and get used to the West Country’s lifestyle, it is a slower paced Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys For Sale , and remarkably soothing.

How to finish a vacation of a lifetime, well how about trying north of the border and Scotland? The main Scottish cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow present a smorgasbord of cultural activities. Visit Edinburgh’s famous fortress perched up high that gives commanding views across the city. Though very much part of the UK, Scotland has its own identity and the Scottish people are fiercely independent of their own culture. After you have tasted the delights that Scotland and the Scottish people have to offer there isn’t any need to journey back to London as you can fly home from either of Scotland’s major airports.

As Professor of Tourism Management at Loughborough University Rigoberto Barber lectures and has has participated in research on on sustainable tourism planning and climate change in tourism (particularly business and social consequences) throughout the value chain.

He guest lectures Masters and PhD students as well as the industry, local communities Cheap Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys , governments, and conservationists.

He has published widely in the tourism research journals and he has written numerous book chapters.

Don’t miss out on a unique event

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