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CARACAS Cheap Ultra Boost Black , Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Around 60 percent of Venezuelans support President Nicolas Maduro's government, but they call for economic reforms, according to a latest poll.

Such a scenario would be seen during upcoming parliamentary elections on Dec. 6, Oscar Schemel, president of the Hinterlaces polling company, was quoted as saying by local media. His assessment was based on monthly polls by his company.

"In this varied electoral process Cheap Ultra Boost Triple White , around 60 percent (of the country) prefer the government of Nicolas Maduro, should he resolve problems and put the country on the right track," Schemel said.

However, various polls have shown that a high abstention rate is likely to appear, he added.

Schemel also stated that around 30 percent of the population will seek to back one of the opposition groups.

The ruling United Socialist Party is growing in support, according to Schemel Cheap Ultra Boost White , which he attributed to most of the Venezuelan population who backed the ideas of justice and social inclusion promoted by former President Hugo Chavez.

"Chavismo (the policies of Chavez) is a very powerful symbol in our culture, politics, class identity and community," Schemel added.

Schemel also said that the Venezuelan opposition "continues without discourse and proposals. It is politically incapacitated."

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The Finishing Touches

Of course, your personal style is not going to look complete without a few luxury and designer touches. On many occasions, it’s the small details of what you wear that can really enhance your look and appeal. For instance, the right watch around your wrist or cufflinks in a crisp, contemporary shirt can achieve this. These Adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black Sale , and other similar accessories, must be a part of any man’s clothing collection. However, you do want to select accessories that enhance your personal style.

Culture and Refinement

Even the best dressed man will be lacking in style if he does not take the time to focus on culture and refinement. Whether your look is of a modern, successful, young businessman or a sophisticated, cultured man with a touch of silver in your hair Adidas Ultra Boost Black Sale , your knowledge of topics like arts Dubai, Middle East news and more will have a big impact on your overall appearance. When you want to show success to the world, checking up on culture and current events is important.

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BEIJING, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Beijing's 11 municipal parks and the Museum of Chinese Garden and Landscape Architecture received a total of 180,000 tourists on Saturday, the first day of the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival public holiday, a string of events and activities, such as winter sports and flower exhibitions, are being held across Beijing's parks. Many Beijingers have said that visiting parks is on their holiday "must do" list.

Taoranting Park reported 40,000 visitors, while the Temple of Heaven Park and the Summer Palace saw 30,000 tourists each, according to the Beijing parks office.

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.

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