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Text Messaging Overview

I don’t want to get too technical Carlos Carrasco Jersey , but here’s what you need to know about the basics, that’s it.

Keyword – Is the word you associate your company with such as BRIDES (used to capture leads at a Bridal Expo) or HOOTKNOX (used for Hooters in Knoxville) or Xyng1 (used for a national weight loss and energy company)- just to name a few.

Short Code– This is the number you are texting to just like a phone number. This could be the most complicated part- So let’s take a look at a few of them: 74620 or 129721. Try remembering that when you are driving by a restaurant or a car lot? That’s why we are going to key in the most famous numbers out there- 90210 – Do you think your customers will have a hard time remembering that number? Maybe 2 or 3% of the population, not a bad way to brand your company after such a remarkable short code.

Here’s how it works
Business A: set’s up a text Campaign spreading the news around their store with signs and the entire staff announcing this:

Lose Weight and Gain Energy Today
Text Xyng1 to 90210

couple things happen at this point. When they text in, they get an auto reply back stating information about your product or a Special that you are announcing for the day. So the client gets a discount or special and they are happy Carlos Baerga Jersey , plus they start talking about something that’s awesome that just happened to their friends. The second things that happens is that the business owner captures the customers phone number, with their permission, and now you can give out another special to drive that client back.

1. The client gets a discount or special
2. The business owner gets a phone number to their list. They now have the permission from that customer to give them another special or discount at a later time and date.

Let’s take another example here: A restaurant has approx 50 people a day come in and eat at their business. They put out a message like an Appetizer, a Desert Brandon Guyer Jersey , or a Soda are included with their meal when they Text FOOD to 90210. The owner spreads the word, the staff gets involved and the clients are gaining a discount or special so they text in at a 80+% rate.

Here’s the Break down on the Numbers

The restaurant serves 50 groups of customers per day and they are open 6 days a week = 300 people a week at a 80% text in rate = 240 phone numbers per week

After 1 month = Approx 1,000 phone numbers the business has acquired and could market to; and one year can bring in almost 10,000+ numbers. Since returning customers need to be factored in Bradley Zimmer Jersey , we will cut these numbers down by 35%, so After one month there’s a true 750 people added to your SMS Text marketing List. Here’s the fun part, a typical text message is opened and read is at 90+%(A national average) and people who act on that great special or discount via text messaging is between 20 to 50%, depending on the special. So let run an Ad on the slowest day for the Restaurant Bob Feller Jersey , like a Tuesday 2 hours before Lunch time. So here’s the text message for the special:

ABC Restaurant
2 for 1 – Buy one
sandwichmeal at
full price and receive
the 2nd one Free!
. Today Only!

Now that’s a great ad and if you only received the lower end of 20% who respond, here’s the numbers, now watch out they could be really scary.

After gathering numbers for one Month – 750 phone numbers = 300 people show up that day for the special.
After gathering numbers for 1 year – 7,500 phone numbers = A really Scary but terrific Day

That’s the power of Mobile Marketing. With using Izigg and the 90210 platform B.J. Upton Jersey , it’s simple and easy to set up a campaign and to send messages. They have someone in just about every city to help you make your campaign very successful as you could see from the numbers above.

Who can Use Mobile Text Marketing?
Churches- Use it to communicate with everyone
Fundraisers- Communicate better with the community to make it even more prosperous
Schools – Broadcast a snow day or emergency
Doctors – Appointment Reminder
AthletesStars- Communicate with their fans
Retails Stores – Sales coming up
Restaurants- Generate customers on the slow days
Golf Courses – Tee times available or membership discounts
Convention Centers – Promote and sell out upcoming events
Just about anything and any business can use text messaging!

You could use raffles, send video links, photos, the sky is the limits with Izigg.

If you are looking for news on Izigg Andrew Miller Jersey , TEXT IZIGG to 90210 and see what happens. Nothing but terrific things could come out of marketing directly to your clients.

Saturday I will be reviewing a Local business using Izigg to launch their business. They have had a Sign Stating Lose Weight and Gain Energy out side of their store prior to opening. As we speak they are opening their doors on Friday and we will see how their grand opening goes. Keep in mind that they have not advertised or promoted their business as their start up capitol is less than $1,000. Let’s see how they do!

If you are reading this and would love to connect, please e-mail, no wait Text me

TEXT : gwsmark to 90210

We can set up a Great marketing campaign that can change your business within weeks.

Have a Wonderful Day Cheap Indians Hats ,
Wade Smith
Network Marketing Blog

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