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The southern city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province on Monday refuted an online rumor that it would soon implement a pilot program to levy a much-discussed inheritance tax Aaron Judge Jersey , Guangzhou Daily reports.

Accordingly, the inheritance tax rate for estates of no more than 800,000 yuan ($120,000) would be zero, then it rises to 20 percent for 800 Aaron Hicks Jersey ,000 to 2 million yuan, 30 percent for 2 to 5 million yuan and 40 percent for 5 to 10 million. For estates exceeding 10 million yuan, the tax rate would jump to 50 percent.

The rumor added that tax should not come from the legacy and must be paid within three months or the estate would be nationalized.

An official with the Shenzhen municipal government's publicity department said, "We have received no notice at all and don't know where the rumor came from."

"Such a major policy should certainly be released by an authority. Online rumors are unreliable," the official noted.

Shenzhen has refuted similar rumors about inheritance tax many times in the past few years.

Clark Griswold may have been a crazy man Cheap Yankees Hats , but he sure could've used our family travel tips when it came to their family vacations.

When you bust your butt (well, some people) working hard throughout the year, always going, never stopping, ensuring a smooth family vacation is something that you must have. Otherwise you will be excited to go back to work just to get a break.

Although vacation time is coming to an end Cheap Yankees T-Shirts , family travel and the holidays are right around the corner and planning those vacations now along with spring breaks are always a smart way to go.

Therefore, we have listed discount Florida vacations top family travel tips and how to make sure your vacation is memorable, not disastrous.

We know all families differ in size, age, and such so these will be generalized and common sense tips anyone can use.

**Start planning early and make sure you use lists. If this is mom reading Cheap Yankees Hoodies , then you know how important this tip is. This will also help you do things in stages, make sure you have everything, and you aren't pulling your hair out just for vacation.

**Be sure you have tools to keep everyone happy. Airports have long lines and delays and driving can be wearing on any of us. Toys, games, videos Customized Yankees Jerseys , music, books, magazines, ipods, etc.

**Know your destination well. Are you taking small children to a place like Vegas where you plan on gambling the whole time? That personally doesn't make much sense to me even though there's a lot to do. Be sure there are things to do so that everyone enjoys each experience.

**Travel with all the latest gear. Update your luggage Cheap Yankees Jerseys , be sure everything is in a safe, secure place, invest in a GPS unit (this will save you tons of time and headaches), and so forth. Traveling will be a lot more fun if it's easy and you understand where you are heading.

**Take care of your home before you go. Items such as mail, pets (if they don't go) Yankees Yogi Berra Jersey , a trusted person to watch for things, and more can help you relax without worrying about what's going on miles and miles away.

**Don't and I repeat, don't take your work with you. This is time to enjoy family and quality time together. Personally, the only reason I go to work is for my family and to take care of them. The last thing I want to do on vacation (especially since you usually get paid), is work.

**Be safe. This is a no brainer Yankees Wade Boggs Jersey , but we all know that bad things happen to good people. The more well-prepared you are, the better your vacation will be.

**Finally, have fun. Our biggest of the family travel tips is to have fun throughout the whole process. Get everyone involved. Get excited. There is nothing like vacation time and to make it memorable means enjoying yourselves!

This is just a start for family travel tips. We know how much fun going on vacation is and we also know the nightmares that can happen thereby ruining your once exciting trip. Just remember, no matter what happens, you're still on vacation!!

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This family travel tips article comes to you from a family man who has been there Yankees Tyler Austin Jersey , done that.
Weve had great
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