my way to preload images! haha
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allow us to bookmark topics in the forum using our favorites function.

switch all chosen plugins into select2

for notes
allow uploading of images, and setting location

blogger layouts

forum live updates
might wanna switch over to jquery in the forum first..

Move old school myspace layouts to the original poster when found

Recently Completed Suggestions
Lots of New BBCodes added
notification on forum posts
tutorial drafts
we get tokens when an image we submitted gets approved
a different way to calculate how many images we're allowed to upload into our gallery, we all should be able to upload more...

send notifications out to everyone that commented on a note about a new comment

put the preview post button in the editing of forum posts

[mod / admin only] moving topics in forum to a new category
[mod / admin only] splitting comments into a new thread
[mod / admin only] A way for user to submit goodies

I was floating in a peaceful sea, rescued by a sinking ship

677 Days till Recovery

User Picture..
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Likey and thank you [rocking]
Posted By: Yohnmake new comment pages..

make a FAQ page..

when we deny an image send em a message

guide/tutorial drafts.. shouldnt be hard, but gotta edit a bunch of pages.

tumblr and blogger layouts

notification on forum posts
shouldnt be to hard cause of the new updates class.. gotta think about it though. source

forum live updates
might wanna switch over to jquery in the forum first..
also, be able to move topics to a different forum category..

A way for user to submit goodies.. uhm.. something else for people to approve [lol]

got my list cut out now..

Completed Suggestions
BBCodes added
Members can now edit their submitted images, and see their images before they are approved.
Members can submit tumblr layouts

testing [lol]User Picture..[lol]

55 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

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28 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

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