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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- For Clemson receiver Deon Cain, there's nothing tedious about all the timing and testing at the NFL scouting combine.

''It's a great feeling because I'm starting to get into this professional life and I'm loving it every day,'' Cain said.

Cain impressed coaches Saturday with his superior speed and great hands, traits that were particularly apparent in the gauntlet drill at
Lucas Oil Stadium.

spin and catch a pass from 10 yards away,That's where receivers stand on one sideline, then spin and catch one from the other direction.
they sprint toward the other sideline,Then, catching five more 10-yard passes from alternating directions before coming back the other
way,Authentic Michael Thomas Jersey, catching another seven throws.

wide receivers and tight ends,While Cain was eager to show off his skills Saturday during the on-field sessions with quarterbacks,Womens Lawrence Taylor Jersey, he
said he's actually enjoyed every aspect of the annual gathering of top college prospects.

I love every moment about it,Authentic Odell Beckham Jr Jersey,''This combine experience has been fun for me. At the end of the day,'' Cain said. ''Just trying to take
going through this process, talking to coaches,Womens Landon Collins Jersey,everything day by day, meeting new people, being around Hall of Famers every day.''

Cain had a goal of running a sub-4.4-second 40-yard dash after all the speed work he did over the last six weeks at the Exos performance
center in Phoenix, where he added 10 pounds of lean muscle to his 6-foot-1 frame.

He did just that, posting a time of 4.3 seconds Saturday before showing off his route-running skills during the hour-long session that
included top-tier quarterbacks Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson .

'' said Cain,''I feel like Exos really prepared me for this moment, who also posted respectable jumps - 33+ inches in the vertical and 9
7 inches in the broad. ''We train hard, train well with great efficiency,feet, prepping me for interviews and everything. I feel like
they gave us the upper hand, the answers to the test out here and now it's just a routine.

''I'm out here trying my best out here and just trying to do what I know I'm capable of doing.''

a projected second-day draft pick,Cain, played three seasons at Clemson and was productive receiver for a team that made three playoff
appearances and played in two national championship games.

Cain played in only one of those national championship games. After the regular season of his freshman year, he was suspended for the
College Football Playoff by Tigers coach Dabo Swinney for failing a drug test for marijuana.

Cain prepared to face the scrutiny with honesty,Knowing that would come up in interviews with teams this week, eager to show that's not
an issue teams need to worry about.

really just getting to know all the coaches, let them get a good feel of me,''It's been great so far, and just show them that I'm smart
smart on the field and I know football both ways,Womens Michael Thomas Jersey, and really just let them get feel of me,off the field,Womens Odell Beckham Jr Jersey,'' Cain said.

he said he's showing teams he's versatile,Authentic Landon Collins Jersey,On the field,Authentic Lawrence Taylor Jersey, coachable and confident yet humble.

outside. If you want me to go down and block,''I can do it all. If you want me to play inside, I can do anything. I said I'm capable of
doing anything,'' he said.

And he pledged to never stop trying to improve.

''Now that I'm going on to the next level, I always want to be better and more technically sound because now you're just going against way
better DBs now,'' Cain said.

he said, will ''get an efficient, hard worker,Whoever picks him, someone who will go hard every play. I'm just going to be me out there,
as long as they let me be me and coach me the right way, they're going to get a great receiver.''

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