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Fla. (AP) -- Blake Bortles might not be the long-term answer in Jacksonville.,JACKSONVILLE

He is, the short-term starter.,Womens John Ross Jersey, however

$54 million deal Saturday that will keep him under contract through the 2020 season. The deal
,Womens A.J. Green Jersey,The Jaguars signed Bortles to a three-year

includes $26.5 million guaranteed.

''I definitely was looking forward to the opportunity of this happening,Authentic Jim Brown Jersey, we
,Authentic Barry Sanders Jersey, and knowing that it was done and now in the rear-view mirror

'' Bortles said
,can move on and get back to just worrying about football and not having to deal with money and contracts and all that stuff

during a conference call with reporters. ''Either way, I don't think it would have had a ton of effect on how I feel.
, however this went

Thrilled to be able to stay here and playing Jacksonville and fired up to continue to work with the guys that are here.''

coach Doug Marrone and general
,The team announced the move one day after handing out two-year extensions to top executive Tom Coughlin

manager Dave Caldwell.

Re-signing the 25-year-old Bortles is an indication how the front office and coaching staff feel about their current roster: They want to
keep as many pieces in place for another run at the Super Bowl.

The Jaguars (10-6) won the AFC South for the first time in team history and made the playoffs for the first time in a decade. They advanced
losing to New England 24-20 after having a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter.,to the AFC title game for the first time since 2000

Bortles showed signs of progress in his fourth year despite playing 19 games with a partially torn ligament in his right wrist that
required surgery last month. He completed a career-high 60 percent of his passes for 3, with 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.,687 yards

''Blake's growth and development last season was a key to the success we had as a team,
,'' Coughlin said in a statement. ''Blake has proven

that he can be the leader this team needs going forward. Along with this contract come high expectations
,Authentic John Ross Jersey,with toughness and dependability

that he will continue to improve and help our team accomplish its ultimate goal.''

He played in the first year of coordinator Nathaniel Hackett's system and with four rookies - including running back Leonard Fournette and
left tackle Cam Robinson - on offense. He also lost top target Allen Robinson on the opening series of the season opener.

So the Jags believe Bortles' best years are ahead. But they aren't committed to him beyond the next few seasons.

Extending Bortles should give the team more cap space heading into free agency. The Jags entered the day with about $20 million to spend in

They freed up $3.6 million by cutting backup running back Chris Ivory on Friday and could gain $7 million more by parting ways with backup
receiver Allen Hurns.

There had been plenty of speculation the Jaguars would turn to free agency or the draft to replace Bortles. The Jags sent a strong message
by locking up Bortles weeks before free agency.

Still,Authentic DeShone Kizer Jersey, Bortles has flaws to fix. He need to be more accurate, and has to be better adept at getting the offense
,Womens DeShone Kizer Jersey, especially in tight spaces

out of bad plays and into better ones.

Regardless,Womens Jim Brown Jersey, take advantage of
,Womens Barry Sanders Jersey, he outperformed expectations when Marrone and Coughlin built the offense to pound the ball on the ground

play-action passes and avoid shootouts with stout defense.

Bortles' toughness was another reason he gained respect in the locker room and from the coaching staff. He hasn't missed a snap because of
injury and handled constant criticism - including almost weekly shots from fellow players - in stride.

and I'm talking about his mental and physical
,''I have said it all along: I think Blake is one of the toughest people I have ever met

toughness,Authentic A.J. Green Jersey, which is always on being a great
,'' Marrone said. ''He never lets the outside noise get him away from where his focus is

teammate and being a great leader for our organization.''

Even more important to the Jaguars, Bortles had as many victories (11) as
, Bortles avoided game-changing mistakes. Entering the 2017 season

interceptions returned for touchdowns. He turned the ball over a career-low 16 times last season after averaging 21 in each of his first
three seasons.

and the one thing that I admire the most about him is
,''I've had the pleasure of seeing Blake mature and progress for the past four years

'' veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis said. ''He is an ultimate competitor and will do whatever he can to help the team win.
,his attitude

That's his only goal.''

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